Our wines are crafted with ancestral techniques. For this reason, in everything from vineyard management to winemaking, our ethic consists of respecting biological cycles and keeping intervention to a bare minimum.


Our winemaking is based on using native and wild yeasts and spontaneous fermentation. To do this we use the traditional method of Pied de Cuve: One week before the vintage a small quantity of grapes is harvested, they are crushed, and then we wait until fermentation commences.  This initial cultivation of native yeasts or Pied de Cuve is then used to seed large quantities of must, kick-starting the fermentation process. 


Maceration time is variable and depends on the type of wine being produced. It can vary between 3 to 10 days. 

Because we don’t use any filtration our wines are aged for more than a year in raulí vats. Here we wait for the living wine to carry out its biological processes at its own pace and rhythm.


That is why we like to say that our wines are not for aging, but for waiting for.

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